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Building on its experience with leading private and listed family-owned groups, MSB has developed an approach to client matters that is both comprehensive and specialized.


MSB approaches client matters from a comprehensive business, financial, accounting, legal and tax perspective, thus offering the best-adapted solutions available.

MSB provides legal and tax advice for business development and asset management solutions in business transfers based on a comprehensive understanding of the business environment unique to each of its clients.


Business law today has become extremely technical. Company and personal tax is constantly changing to keep up with the particularly rapid evolution of the economy and unfolding political and legislative contexts.

In addition to demanding regular adaptation, such changes in the law and tax regulations may also present opportunities.

To anticipate and react to changes in the business and legal environments, MSB’s team of attorneys is specialized in the necessary practice areas, offering its clients rapid, practical solutions adapted to their needs.

Each attorney at MSB has therefore developed specific expertise, whether in corporate law, business tax, corporate financing tax or estate and personal asset management and tax.

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